i am seriously done with this

tomorrow is pharm. have 13 pages of notes. i am brain dead (so i don’t suppose i should drive a car to the exam…or bother with taking the exam). i haven’t actually STUDIED my notes, but i find making the notes the biggest learning experience. i want to do well on this test because i think the teacher deserves it. i figure i will pass but would like to do well for her. today’s intro exam was dumb. very common sense. i can totally see myself missing only like 2 questions. certainly see myself getting an A on the exam. though i don’t think that would quite get me to an A in the class (because you have to get 93.5 or better to get an A in a nursing course). but a very high B i can be very proud of. i believe skills went better than i think it did. a B in that class is just fine. got an A in clinical. B in pharm. so much for the honor society.

tomorrow at 12:30pm i will have done a great thing. i will have completed my first semester of nursing school. i mean, think about it, in 4 weeks, summer before last, i lost my job, got hit by a car and turned 40. lots of reasons to give up, or at least struggle. and though i feel i have struggled, it has been to get where i am am, not because of what happened to me. i am impressed with me. i think i have done a pretty awesome thing. i have picked myself up, put together a plan and executed on it successfully (well, assuming all goes well tomorrow on pharm). anyhow, feel free to congratulate me, tell me that you are proud of me. flowers are good. jewelry is really too much (besides, i am fussy about jewelry). i dunno, i just think i deserve a “well done heather, i’m proud of you”. i am not usually the “want appreciation/acknowledgement” type, but today (tomorrow) i am. because, damn it, i kept going.

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