Daily Archives: December 4, 2010

i could be studying right now

but since that is ALL i will do starting monday, i figured i would give myself the weekend off. and LOOK! i caught up on some past events i wanted to share and EVEN CHANGED MY FASHION PHOTO!!!! i got these bloomers from secret oktober for covering the register last weekend. i’ll be covering a couple of days while cassandra is in poland later in the month too (after finals). kitsune, a friend here in town, made the bloomers. i got lots of awesome comments, along with “oh my god, you’re wearing pants.” the flower in my hair came from secret oktober too. kitty korvette made it, i think.

here are the photos from the pie event i went to at the museum. i think i was the only non-professional baker. the woman who organized the event, Andrea Mellard, even talked about how we met and that is seemed like providence in having a pie event. i lost my flier, so i don’t know the names of all the business, but i took pictures. i only had time to make one pie, and it got gobbled up quickly! lots of interesting flavors. a couple of savory, like minced, and some with hot peppers. got to say, i am preferential to dessert pies. i’d like to try a savory though. i mean, i have made chicken pot pies before (yes, with dough from scratch) but that doesn’t seem the same. or is it? should i give myself credit? i should make another one of those. they would be good for a potluck since they are huge. took my 5 days of 2 meals a day to finish it. anyhow…got into a conversation with my GP about rendering your own fat to make flakey pie crust. he got fatty pork, cooked it down, mixed with butter, froze. said his crust was super flakey and he was very pleased. i was impressed. my crusts tend to be flakey if i use Crisco and i don’t think i am big on rendering my own fat. but it was seriously cool to hear about. he wants an animal tattoo as well. but he wants the BEST animal tattoo artist there is to do it. he’ll fly to europe if he has to. pay BIG bucks. wants an owl in attack flight mode. anyone have any suggestions? i totally want to help him with this. wait, wait, i am getting off topic…the pies:

here i am prepping my pie

my pie…soon there after

the monument cafe brought some pies!

then there were some companies i can’t remember:

then there was texas pie kitchen. it is a training program! they teach them to cook, specifically make pies, and they sell them to the public. i would LOVE to volunteer there! but i just don’t have the time. i don’t have time for anything but school really. when i finish though, and start working, i am TOTALLY going to volunteer there.

and here is my pie at the end of the event (well, it had been like this for a while)

the event was super fun and i was SO flattered to have been invited to provide a pie. it was a great idea for a fundraiser and a delicious experience!

my fashion photo doesn’t look very sharp, but my pie photos do. same camera. what am i doing wrong?