i am pooped. i think i have said this before, this semester. but i am weary to the bone at this point. and it isn’t just from all the hours. it is all of it. all the data i have crammed into my brain these 15 weeks, all the homework, all the homework that seemed like needless busy work, all the tests given with no consideration of balance. and yet, it has been awesome. i love the info i am learning. i am learning to be truly useful to society (besides just generally being fabulous) and it feels wonderful. we finished our first clinical rotation this week. i will really miss the residents. i finally learned all their names! i’ll miss taking them their breakfasts. i’ll miss the people that worked there too. they were so kind and welcoming. they really helped us learn. i look forward to getting to the end of my program and starting working, even now! but i am so looking forward to my month long break. i will sleep and rebalance and go to yoga and learn to eat right again. and i might read some of the chapters i didn’t quite get through this term.

i test well. especially multiple-choice. i strategize well and am good at recall. but do i know it all still? no. and i feel weird about that. in poly sic and finance, you an look things up. on a hospital floor, not so much. at the same time, i realize that i am learning things by building on things. it makes me comfortable that i will have the info i need when i get to the floor. which isn’t to say i don’t know anything and am dangerous. it is that i am very context driven. and nursing school is just dumping things on you, a lot of the time. pharm is straight memorization, for the most part, and i suck at that. i need to be able to apply the info, put it into a picture. and that is one of the very cool things about nursing school. we had a sim day recently. we were given a chart and a back story on our patient and told to go into her room and do whatever was necessary. it was the first time we put it all together. i didn’t remember everything, but i did a good job and though i was slow, i felt great about it. i can’t wait to be a nurse!

good news on the photo front. i have found a perfect set-up for taking photos of myself. good place for the camera and lighting. so i should have something soon for y’all. of course, i forgot to take a picture of today’s outfit. too damn early in the morning. *sigh*

i really love the following image, but i don’t actually think it works. the religious right only wants one religion in schools in the US, they just don’t say it out loud. i am quite sure, if religion was allowed in school, and schools were required to give equal time, they would fight just as hard.

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