omg! i have been so busy (btw, omg is the only textspeak that i am willing to use. i find it funny). so so so busy. SO much homework. some drama too. but i’m still here and i have had time to take some very amusing photos lately. the first set are entitled “only in the south”:

as seen on south congress!deer_processing_line

and where, pray-tell, are they taking these animals?deer_processing_sign

mo, jules and i went to see christen vale, cross-dressing hip-hop artist. wow. seriously, it was an awesome set. the music was really good. the tune was great, the rhyme and rhythm were fantastic. choreography was fabulous and flawlessly executed. she and her straight man, t-gravel, were perfectly in sync. i was just really impressed considering how thrown together christen looked. i am told she is going for the crack-whore look. i can see that. the music was p.diddy/missy elliott all the way.


this photo is from the last song. not sure why t-gravel was dressed as a deer, but it worked. and yes, at one point she did sit on his back and ride him across stage. i can’t seem to find the words to explain how awesome this show was!


lastly, on my way out to my car on wednesday morning i noticed an older gentleman standing staring at this giant red truck parked in my parking lot. he was just standing staring at it. i looked at the truck and thought “huh, seems like it is leaning to the driver’s side front. must be an optical allusion because of the angle”. i thought i must be wrong because the old guy was staring at the read passenger side. is there were something wrong with the front driver’s side, he would be on that side, right? anyhow, as i drove away i looked back and saw this (photos taken after class)



so, how did the driver do that? and how did they get the truck to my parking lot with a tire that broken? that would take a big-ass tow-truck. miraculously, to me at least, it was all fixed thursday afternoon and they drove away. i thought it was crazy.

went to the pie fundraiser at austin MOMA last night. i baked a blackberry pie and it was gone in no time. everyone loved my crust! andrea, the woman in charge, even started her speech with the serendipitous yoga encounter with the girl with the pie tattoo (me!) as proof the event had to happen. it was sold out even! i enjoyed talking to other pie makers. and i got a super kick out of answering the question “which bakery are you with?” with “none. i just like to bake!”. took a bunch of pictures but don’t have my camera cable in austin. i’ll post them next week.

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