this is how it should be

i think marriage should be something you do in church. that all “state recognized” couple unions (hetero- and homo-sexual) should be civil unions. cause that is what they are to the state. in england, they have civil unions for homosexual couples and marriage for heterosexual couples. there is an article on the beeb today about a group of heterosexual couples who are going to apply for civil unions, knowing they will be turned down, so they can challenge the law. i look forward to the case. in france, 95% of those applying for civil partnerships are heterosexual and the number of those getting married has shrunk. to me, this is how it should be. if marriage is between a man and a woman, under god, let it happen in a church. the state isn’t under god, so that argument doesn’t work. i hope more people come around to this truth. but it will be a long road.

Why would a straight couple want a civil partnership?

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