time flies when you suddenly have to find a new place to live

well, i have a flat in belton now. it is a cookie cutter one-bedroom but it has awesome storage in the kitchen. i can organize my baking ingredients like never before! i have decided hip and cool apartments sacrifice looking unique for efficient use of space. my internet will be up and running tonight, ATT willing, so it is feeling like home. i have a mattress, half a dresser, a printer, a cow hide rug, a full kitchen and bath so far. it’s weird. part of me doesn’t want to bring much else up. i don’t miss my stuff, so it seems a waste to bring it. don’t want to rush at throwing it all out though, so i suppose i will have to. perhaps i will par down over time.

got 95 on my clinical test. got 88 on my pharm test. 86 on my skills test. 96 on my intro test. 98 on my comprehensive math exam. so, yeah, things are going well. have clinical and skills test next week. pharm the week after. we start our clinical rotations at the retirement home in two weeks. today the gentleman that runs the respiratory therapy program came in and introduced us to that topic. he was so awesome we gave him applause at the end of class. did a review of drug commercials last week. one of the drugs i picked was lunesta, a sleep aid. it is the drug with the butterfly in the commercial. there are a lot of really funny spoofs of the butterfly. here is a particularly funny one:

going to the ren faire this weekend. cleaning up after naked people for animalesque 2 on friday night. between school and my weekends, i am still really lacking in sleep. and updating my blog. can’t say i have had an inspiring internal debate lately either. mostly i think of drug side effects and which parts of the body i have to check during a client assessment. and what is due tomorrow (nothing, thus i am blogging). i need to update my fashion photo. i think i’ll do that before turning to my clinical objectives.

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