the belton wal-mart

i hate going to wal-mart. it is full of misleading marketing and jumbo sized products with tons of preservatives. but it was on my way home and all i needed was heavy cream. my belton HEB (only slightly better spirit wise but a lot less product…the veggie sections is embarrassing) is a mile or so past my flat. so i stopped at my local wal-mart. never again. they didn’t have my brand of greek yogurt. they have a lot of just a few things, i have started to notice. then, when i got to the self check-out, i had a woman step around me to stand in-front of one register, waiting for the person using the register to finish, instead of waiting in the “this line for next available” line. as fate would have it, i got my register first anyway. not that it helped. see, once i got my register, the self-check monitor decided to restock bags, causing the machine to freak out because my product wasn’t wighting the right amount in the bag area. after she finished, i scanned my yogurt of a brand i didn’t want, and two small cartons of heavy whipped cream (no plain heavy cream). i picked cash but the machine would NOT take my cash. when i looked at the self-check monitor she said “i asked someone to bring me a new $5 for you”. i showed her i was holding a $10. she just stood there and looked around as though someone would show up any moment and save her. getting tired of waiting, i asked if i could use my credit card. i had already put in $.04. she said she didn’t know. REALLY? isn’t you job to make this self-check thing work smoothly? grrr. sick of waiting on someone that was making no effort to make it work, i tried my card. it worked and i got the hell outta dodge. not going back. no way.

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