now we have 3 exams, 2 quizzes and a care plan due next week. i finished the care plan already. got half way though my clinical TEST prep (we have a clinical quiz the same day…makes no sense). as long as i study after school every day, i can totally keep up. this living in salad-o on school days really helps me focus. pharm worries me a bit. it is just a lot of info and we don’t always get through all the material we are responsible for. that bugs me about nursing school. teacher says “i won’t cover it all, but you are responsible for everything in the chapter”. huh? so, if i don’t understand something in the chapter, which you didn’t cover, i have to come to your office hours on top of it all? that seems inefficient. technically, we have only 10 units this term. why not make a couple of classes a little longer (like pharm) and cover ALL the material?

i think optimus prime is a little stir-crazy here in salad-o. i failed to bring any toys, so she made one out of a rolled up ball of paper. she looks sort of bored. we are going home tomorrow though. of course, her brother won’t be there. i feel really guilty all of a sudden. like i am a bad parent.

will my blogs be this boring for all of nursing school? i fear they will. perhaps i will try and make up for the dullness during term breaks and go completely wild. *sigh*

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