forward ho!

was TOTALLY freaking over my vital signs check-off today. seriously. if you don’t pass you are out of the program. and i was struggling. but when i got into that room, and my “client” lori sat down, i was in the zone. i got slightly different numbers than my instructor, but totally within tolerance (4 mm of mercury). i felt totally on it. and doing so well has put a skills confidence in me that i really needed. i need to study the theory more (just because there is so much of it) but the skills i was really worried. i am clumsy. doesn’t work as a nurse. i feel better now.

haven’t received 2 of my 3 tests back. definitely got 100% on the pop quiz. waiting for math and pharm. but i am confident i made the hat trick! (that, a hat trick, is 3 successes, right? guess i could look it up on google)

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