expensive day

well, my make-up bag is gone. it is just lipstick and my new powder, but the powder was brand new! argh! why do i keep losing things!!! bought my books for school, $713. glad the feds are paying for that. got my scrubs too. ditto the feds. got my hair re-inked so i would be shiny for chico this weekend. i am excited about going. i haven’t been anywhere since christmas. though it will be the same temp, at least it won’t be humid.

got an estimate on fixing blue. there are 3 options: stock, semi-hydraulic and full-hydraulic. full is a complete disk brake. but it requires a new headset and a reservoir on the headset. i’d like to keep my bike more vintage. the semi was the mod of its time and will still be a great improvement on the stock drum brake. $700. as my insurance payout was more than that, it is good (of course, i will have to pay to ship it back to texas, but, it’s my BLUE!)

helping a friend move tomorrow at 10am. am i nuts?

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