a slower day

i had a headache today. lack of calories, i think. went to yoga, that just about solved it. yoga is the best headache remedy i know of. napped a lot because of the headache. did my meals on wheels thing. had a new client…who wasn’t home. gave it to a nice homeless guy who recognizes me now. went to nerd nite. the first presentation was on the only known mutiny is american history. it was awesome. the guy was very funny and totally into it. the second was on QR tags? was that the name? obviously, as i can’t remember the name, it wasn’t that thrilling to me. her presentation software kicked ass. a big tablet with all the data in sections and it rotated to the new “slide”. really cool. the last was on wine. i just can’t get into it, since i can’t drink. tomorrow i am getting a massage from a friend and going to winnie’s going away dinner. i need to get out more. it is hard with my eating being so restricted. i don’t like going to coffee shops if i can’t eat or drink anything. can’t go outside (over 100 for the next 7 days). i think boring me is setting. just got to tick of the days of summer now.

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