today was busy

cleaning lady came, got called in for a relief MoW route, took the truffles to the vet cause they were next on the list, went to therapy, drove to temple to pay my tuition and take my drug-panel. came home, went to yoga, sitting and reading. though i was really busy today (mostly driving) i don’t feel as accomplished today. tomorrow is nearly as busy, though i am not sue how productive it will feel. i am dropping some friends off at the airport in the morning, and picking up nikki at night. i am airport girl this summer. i’d like for my chek to come in for my textbooks. i could be really geeky and start reading them. i my friends bridge program they have 3 chapters to read BEFORE class started. i am going to go to half-priced books and see if i can find the anne rice series. it has been like 20 years since i read that. gonna make banana bread for the girl at bennu. OH! i pick up my new bike tomorrow. don’t have time to ride though. have a butterfly making event at a friends and then have to pick-up nikki. of course, she gets in at 10:30, no reason i can’t ride after that…now that i think about it.

though having nothing to do is less horrible than i thought it would be, i do wish i had more volunteer gigs so i could at least feel like i was doing more for society. though would be better. guess it will have to wait until i am an RN. then i can volunteer all over the place!

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