had another 'i am awesome' day

but for normal reasons, not literary brilliance.

i made sinnamon rolls (new name since mine are so addictive), truffles (melon baller sticks), did my Meal on Wheels (MOW) route, took my bike in to be tuned, went to yoga, walked to the bank instead of driving and varnished the cats (deal we made is i won’t post pictures of them wet and they won’t scratch). nice day!

found a work-around for the getting old/can’t remember my daily brilliance problem. i can’t say it is a solution, because i still can’t remember shit. no, i have taken to sending myself text messages when i think of something brilliant i want to post later. so, let’s see what i came up with today…

the knuckle on my right middle finger is bruised from knocking on my clients doors during my MOW routes. not a lot of door bells. my knuckle really hurts.

one of the annoying changes that have hit me since i turned 40 (and THE CHANGE began) is that i sweat now. yes, if i exercised before, i would sweat. but i wouldn’t sweat just walking to the couch. it is 76 degrees in my flat. that should NOT make me sweat walking from the desk to the couch. i have to wear antiperspirant! i have to wash my clothes after one wearing! fucking sucks.

i am about to post a smarmy photo with a naughty subject line. i apologize to readers out there who don’t deserve this naughty silliness (sorry pam!). but when i thought of it, i couldn’t stop laughing so i had to post it…

this is what your cats look like when you masturbate. poor capo can’t bare to look, he is closing his eyes and turning away….”ooh, mom! how could you!”

tomorrow i go to temple to pay my tuition. and take a blood test. more yoga. gotten off-load these truffles. start my 21-day challenge. do a second coat of varnish on the cats. going to be a full day. best i go to bed now…(forgive me pam!)

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