Daily Archives: July 28, 2010

awesome quote. note from my mom.

got this from my washington post afternoon update
Rep. James Hines (D-Conn.) on on the rhetoric regarding government spending:

“…it’s awfully easy to say what the American people want to hear right now, which is that we need to get out fiscal house in order. Nobody disputes that. We’ve got way too much debt, our entitlement programs are in a scary situation. What’s hard is what you say next.”

sent my mom an email sharing with her the amazing news about my essay. she sent back the most awesome reply:

Subject: Re: you are never going to believe this…

What is not to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello, i am great

i got my last essay back from my english teacher. it was an argument essay. i argued that the US must change our policies on immigration, who decides on science funding and the funding of pure research to remain the science and technology leaders. i got 99/100. the teacher wants to submit the paper to the textbook company as an example. can you believe it? of course, i always argue well, but i am surprised she thought it was a structurally great paper. i struggled a lot. anyhow, yeah for me!

and, by the way, for the first time in my life, i have beautiful and luscious hair. i have breck girl hair. when i brush it is moves in a beautiful wave. i wonder if this will last. it sure is awesome.