my desk and texas thunderstorms

got caught in a texas thunderstorm this week. i was on my way home from lunch with katie. i was dripping wet. i had to wring out my leather gloves. that’s how wet i was. but it was warm, as most texas thunderstorms are, so it didn’t matter to me. it was actually sort of fun.

this is a picture of my new desk:
starting on the top left, the first blue circle is my textbook pile. notice my comp book is on top. the blue circle below that, shows the rubber condoms i had to put on the bottom of my awesome aluminum chair, so as not to scratch the floor. the blue circle on the right side of the photo is showing off my SAMSUNG laser printer. it was cheaper than buying a new inkjet, which was cheaper than buying new inkjet cartridges.

went to see master pancake theatre do ‘independence day’ tonight at the alamo. master pancake theatre is like live MST3K. it was awesome. and honestly, i liked that movie. though my theatre cheered when the aliens blew up the white house. then we went to the top of my parking garage to watch the fire works. i welcomed andreas to my country. i hope his makes it to the world cup final.

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