deutschland all the way!

we got up at 7am (on a saturday no less) and went to the Alamo to watch the Germany v Argentina game. Argentina is ranked #1 in the world. messi is considered the greatest player in the world right now and their coach is considered one of the greatest players ever. and they LOST 4 – 0! Germany was amazing. the players really play together. no trying to get the goal for yourself. they pass it to the player best positioned to score. they are lightening fast and have fantastic ball control. Argentina didn’t even come close. the German goalie was amazing too. he worked so hard to stay on top of that ball. brilliant playing. i am so glad i got to see the game live and on a big screen. makes me REALLY wish i were still living in germany. i could have been out on the schlossplatz watching with 50,000 other fans. wow. awesome game….but now i am going back to sleep. i feel like i have a hang-over.

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