i have been very bad about my site lately, just not into it, out of sync, you know. i’ll try to be better.

it isn’t that i haven’t the fashion to keep up either. now with my improved body, i can wear all sorts of clothing that i haven’t in a while and you have never seen! i even look better in some of the stuff you have seen! it’s like christmas. also, john’s girlfriend tiffany gave me a killer pink fuzzy scarf. i am going to try and take pictures of myself every where with it. this week’s outfit is my new favorite levi carpenter jeans and my sexy mango lace top. great cleavage. it is cas’ but sexy.

this week was very busy. business always seems to pick up in spring. i now have to be at the office at 7 am on monday’s and every other week i have a telecon at 1 am on friday morning (before the friday workday). since there are only two of us in CET and a bunch in PST, and the SGP time people have a have to stay up until 10 pm the other week’s, and i am a night person, i volunteered. we’ll see how well it goes. i am consulting a bunch of projects and working on replacing my tool and process as well. i am in charge of training the new people too. by that i mean making sure they get the appropriate training. the next 5 months are going to fly by.

i am further dismayed by my government. at least they have stopped printing headlines that they have found WMD (weapons of mass destruction) only to have to back down. though i am not surprised by it, i knew my gov’t was lying, i am upset that we seem to be setting ourselves up in iraq. the people appreciate it, but want us to leave now, because we said we were doing it for our safety and the world’s and now that saddam is gone, we got what we wanted, we should go home.

a friend of mine has a .sig file that says ‘Hello Mr. Ashcroft!’ poking fun at the fact that Ashcroft has allowed all manner of illegal observation of innocent people to happen in the name of ‘security and anti-terrorism’. this week he added ‘hey hey what do ya say, how many rights have you killed today?!’ but then the next day he took it off sighting a bunch of crap emails. i couldn’t believe it! do i knock on the doors of people waving american flags or ‘iraq first, france second’ bumper stickers and tell them i think their opinion is crap? no. i am willing to talk to them about the issues and both their and my opinions, but i don’t blindly criticize them. that pisses me off. the FIRST right that everyone screams foul over is freedom of speech (think cross burning) but they seem completely fine with quashing others freedom. anyhow, it just further disappoints me.

new quotes on the quote page. recommend going there.

i’ll try to be better this week.

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