hey. so while i was home i came across this new-ish magazine. the name was so cool, i had to buy it. turns out to be a feminist mag of sorts. articles about how vain jane of jane mag has become. a positive article (which surprised me) about a program in the UK where friend nominate you to be ‘redressed’. apparently there is a US version which is much worse, but i thought it was a rude idea to start with. there was an article on the ‘i feel’ versus ‘i think’ way of speaking (passive/aggressive). an article about obsessive record collectors, mostly being male. it was entertaining and only went overboard in a few places (being overly sensitive about adjectives and all).

one really interesting article was about slash fiction. these are stories (more like porn to me) where you have two characters, usually partners such as Kirk and Spock, where there have been sexual overtones. the even more interesting aspect of this writing is that it is mostly authored by women whereas the partners are usually male. the interesting part of the article was when one critic theorizing that the female authors are creating ‘the ideal human in a misogynistic world: male body, male power, female ways of relating’. i found this concept fascinating. i am quite sure lots of people call me a boy behind my back if not just a bitch, but i don’t really see myself as being male (accept the whole ‘wearing the pants in the family’ which i do) but as being a louder female. i think all girls think like me, they just don’t express it. (and i don’t mean think like mean in terms of my thinking being so great or anything, just that woman are opinionated like me, just quieter). it’s a rough theory so don’t hold me to it quite yet. i am still working on it.

another funny thing that happened while reading this magazine was that i left it on the plane from sacramento to la. i wish i could have seen the look on whomever’s face when they picked it up…

check out the website www.bitchmagazine.com

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