we leave for the US tomorrow (we today actually). going home for a wedding. we really don’t want to travel home but we do want to attend the wedding. i am just too incredibly creeped out by the patiot act and patriot act II. you should all write your congress people. it is a travisty (sp?) (i suppose my spelling is too though). anyhow, we are mostly going to just kick back while home, get my tattoo touched up, drink coffee, go to wal-mart at 2 am. the usual.

nothing terribly significant hit me this week. no new profoundness. we created a sign for our new employee who started monday (it had a giant arrow and said ‘the NEW girl’). we hung it from the ceiling over her desk. on friday we put one up for letsa (he starts this thursday). it has a giant picture of him making a funny face and says ‘and now for something completely different’. he went to boys night last night and remarked to patrick that no one will know him. patrick suggested everyone would know him. hee hee.

you’ll all be proud. all my clothing for this trip home fit in one suitcase, even the shoes. we are still taking 4 suitcases so that we can bring things to christine and i can buy jungle book decorations for ivette’s daughters b-day party. but i was totally reasonable this time. i mean it is only 7-days.

did i mention i have another lead on a job? pretty exciting stuff actually. i would be a reporting analyst basically. a liaison that ensures all the financial reporting is there. i can live anywhere i want too. in the US that is. well i suppose i could do it from the UK but patrick wouldn’t have anything to do there. we’ll keep working at it. cheers.

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