i am baking chocolate chip cookies right now. they are for an exchange with someone. i want tostitos brand tortilla chips. she wants fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. a match made in heaven.

i applied for a few more jobs. one is as a tax expert. yes, well i am not a tax expert but i could be. and the job says you have to train people in tax rules. i love training people. it’s the exhibitionist in me. i also applied for a financial design center job. not sure they will want me, but hey, can’t hurt to try. both these jobs are in the UK. would love to live in the UK.

did i mention that i am reading ‘fast food nation’? after reading ‘no logo’ i was not able to buy clothing from any of the mid-range stores anymore (gap, banana republic, etc). now with fast food nation, i can’t eat anywhere that doesn’t make all their food 100% from scratch and i have to ask where they get their chicken. i am really hoping in n out gets their hamburger patties someone private. it is completely disgusting what our multi-nationals have done to make a buck. threating states for reduced tax, union busting, dumbing down the process and purposely utilizing unskilled/illegal labor to keep profits high. besides that, the incentive systems, the ‘what you will be graded on’ schemes supported just the worst behavior. using public resources to house employees. pathetic. and with them being so big? what can we do to change their behavior? virtually nothing unless a HUGE portion of society fights back. and that isn’t likely. guess i will keep my quiet vigil myself.

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