Daily Archives: May 4, 2003

the outfit

i really like the single sleeve look but i have yet to find an actual shirt that is nice. the one i have on in the picture is ok. the skirt is a recent tara jarmon purchase. bought in paris. ah. paris.


the internet is the great equalizer. it is the same as the gun was when it was invented and took on wide use. it allows oppressed and voiceless to be heard and exert power. it makes them equal in their existence. the only draw back is that it allows the dangerous fringe (such as pedophiles) to have a voice and power too. it’s like criminals using guns. but, like with many of those things over history that helped to empower the powerless, it has its abuses. but one needs to be willing to accept the good with the bad, and fight the evil when necessary. our freedom relies on it being equal to all. are we willing to give up that which is cherished by us because of a few bad seeds that could be controlled otherwise? more simply? by simply pay attention? take the 4th amendment for example. are we really willing to give up being safe from intrusion, abuse and violence because of a suspicion by someone. doesn’t that simply become a salem witch trial? mccarthy trial? if we simply got to know our neighbors, then they would have few places to hide. and i for one would be more willing to give up my life in the short team for the rights of many in the long run. really, i am. my gov’t and its arbitrary accusations and attacks scare me. when do i, or you end up on ‘the list’? write your congressmen, ask them about the patriot act, the patriot 2 and what rights you lose. ask them what they think of the 4th amendment.