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and just in the knick of time! my body is SO sore from football and gym stuff. i didn’t work out yesterday because i ran out of time (got my hair done) so i didn’t get a chance to stretch my hard worked muscles. this morning it was a little sensitive getting out of bed.

speaking of the bed. while patrick was away i slept in the middle. it was fantastic. the mattress is in much better shape so i slept so much more soundly! definitely going to buy a new mattress when we get back to the states.

this morning i had a disaster on the s-bahn. i dropped my smoothie and it made a huge puddle of pink liquid. being that my boss is preggers, i couldn’t leave it. i mean what if she slipped and fell? but i didn’t have my gym bag (cause i didn’t go to the gym yesterday) so all i could do what take of my black velvet blazer that i bought at the used clothing store in paris and wipe it up with that. no one looked at me (typish deustche). it is like i wasn’t there. no one offered even a single tissue to help me clean my kick-board. i was rather annoyed. my colleague jan told me i should have left it. actually several people did. but i couldn’t. it was just too messy. i am a good citizen if anything.

i have a teleconference from 21:30 – 23:00 tonight. totally bogus.

the outfit is my step back into the punk scene. sort of. it was really to show off the shoes. puma’s. i bought these ‘trend’ trainers (as they say in the UK) instead of cleats for fussball. the boys think i need to buy cleats. next paycheck i promise…oh wait…we are going to paris on the next check. oh well.

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