Daily Archives: April 22, 2003

patrick's home

and just in the knick of time! my body is SO sore from football and gym stuff. i didn’t work out yesterday because i ran out of time (got my hair done) so i didn’t get a chance to stretch my hard worked muscles. this morning it was a little sensitive getting out of bed.

speaking of the bed. while patrick was away i slept in the middle. it was fantastic. the mattress is in much better shape so i slept so much more soundly! definitely going to buy a new mattress when we get back to the states.

this morning i had a disaster on the s-bahn. i dropped my smoothie and it made a huge puddle of pink liquid. being that my boss is preggers, i couldn’t leave it. i mean what if she slipped and fell? but i didn’t have my gym bag (cause i didn’t go to the gym yesterday) so all i could do what take of my black velvet blazer that i bought at the used clothing store in paris and wipe it up with that. no one looked at me (typish deustche). it is like i wasn’t there. no one offered even a single tissue to help me clean my kick-board. i was rather annoyed. my colleague jan told me i should have left it. actually several people did. but i couldn’t. it was just too messy. i am a good citizen if anything.

i have a teleconference from 21:30 – 23:00 tonight. totally bogus.

the outfit is my step back into the punk scene. sort of. it was really to show off the shoes. puma’s. i bought these ‘trend’ trainers (as they say in the UK) instead of cleats for fussball. the boys think i need to buy cleats. next paycheck i promise…oh wait…we are going to paris on the next check. oh well.

punk rock forever

this week’s outfit was a experiment that didn’t quite work out. i wanted dark coloured camo. i am disgusted by all the camo wear (introduced this season by gaultier) because of the war so i wanted to do something typically dark. but the dye job didn’t work as planned. the pants fit beautifully though. makes my ass look great (of course it is great). the top is a D&G i bought a few years back. it needs a thin black tie, don’t you think? the arm bands we made ourselves and i love them. they make me look thinner because the accentuate my thin wrists (yes, i am verging on unhealthy body image, but i am fighting it and still eating). my hair is in a bunch of tiny pigtails. we had a 4 day weekend and got bored near the end. cheers.