warm fuzzies

i returned home tonight from dinner with my friend jenn and entered to the sound of automatic machine gun fire. john and tiff and patrick were playing quake. isn’t that sweet? it was a rather sureal experience. thankfully i was aware of what they were doing before i arrived home, therefore was not surprised nor alarmed. i mean think about it?

another week is gone and i have only a little to show for it. it’s such a weird feeling to know that you are moving, that everything about your life will change soon. makes it hard to take anything seriously or to focus.

this weekend is the ‘jan 80’s movie education festival’. tomorrow we will watch ‘airplane’, ‘fletch’, ‘caddyshack’ and ‘animal house’. then jan will understand the references i make randomly through out the day…finally. it is really hard to talk to someone that doesn’t understand when you say ‘stop calling me shirley’.

yeah. ok. have a nice weekend. cheers.

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