dumb people tricks

on the s-bahn last night, one of the doors wasn’t working. that didn’t stop people from standing infront of it trying to get it to open. theywould try and try and try and then suddenly run to another door. it was ridiculous. usually doors that are broken have signs on them, but in this case, it seemed to have broken recently and the driver didn’t know. so they, the passengers, just kept trying to open it. just because it doesn’t say it is broken, doesn’t mean it isn’t. but here, they seem to need a sign. duh.

we leave tomorrow for paris. definitely looking forward to that. we have made our plans for london and the reading festival too! chelsea is going to come over for that. going to be totally fabulous!

i have been informed of a competing project at the office i MUST help with. i am responsible for some reporting here and i send to one system. now we have a second system that wants the same data. i DO NOT want to send this info to two different systems. it is so dumb. it only causes problems! waste of time and effort too! argh!


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