the hostess with the mostess

dinner guests tonight. we are having an altered version of chicken enchiladas (cause there was no enchilada sauce at the store, it is german you know). i invited them because, well i like them, and we always have so many enchiladas.

i am reading aldous huxley’s ‘a brave new world’. it’s weird. humans are manufactured and programmed to fill roles. this is necessary for social stability. i understand the theory but just like in ‘demolition man’ (yes i am comparing a famous, classic and well-read book to a stallone movie) it is the freedom and diversity that make like worthy. isn’t that sort of the problem though? i mean if freedom and diversity are where it is at, then by definition you need those less-fotunate. to make up the bell curve. or maybe not. i really think it is all about balance. i mean here, in germany, the idea is to reduce the extremes on the bell curve through tax. i don’t believe you have the uber wealthy like you do in the states. but who gets to draw the line? and who will give up their hard earned cash to support the others? my goal in life, though incongruent with my desire to go back to school, is to, by age 40 donate 1/2 my salary to charity. i really don’t need that much. not as much as i could make. but if i am a student again, i’ll still be paying debt when i am 40. that is the key, out of debt into charity. you can remind me of this on my 40th b-day if you want. anyhow, back to the book. i think the difference with this book, is that though you have social castes/classes, all are important. no is less needed, just a different job. yes a simplier, dirtier job as you go down the castes (alpha to epsilon). i guess it says something about caste societies in general that you don’t get to choose, just like those in the book, which is unfair. it is taken to the n-th degree in the book. you are programmed to your caste which, i suppose, makes it more fair, sort of, i mean at least you aren’t being held back, i mean after they have made you semi-moron in a test tube. i’ll keep you posted on what else i discover.

patrick is adding the book to his cconspiracy list. he is convinced the gov’t had these books dog eared and use them to set policy or at least motivate policy for themselves. it is sort of creepy the similarities…

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