the end is nie

Another day, a bunch more satisfied customers. But my throat hurts. Thanks boss. We told her to stay home. Today is Day 2 of the New Xpress reports and so far all the customers are happy! Minor issues, all with answers. In the immortal works of Hannibal from the A-team ‘I love it when a plan comes together’…Anyhow…

I went to lunch in the Bldg 6 cafe today. I am wearing a black baby doll dress, my sherpa hat including long simulated black braids and black and white over the knee socks. They all stared at me. As they do. It’s my relaxing Friday outfit.

My best friend tells me that even though I have a scratchy throat, I have to go to the gym. And since I was 1000 calories over my max yesterday (Burger King for lunch, Thai for dinner) I better get going. Now that I don’t speak to my dad thus can’t get free medical advice, it is great to have best friend that reads lots of fitness mags. Thanks Christine!

Happy Friday.

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