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just going over my eating habits for the week. on thursday, when my process went live and i had burger king for lunch and thai for dinner, i went over my receommend calories by 1600. while in my get fit, lose fat process i try to eat only 1100 calories a day total adding any more for any excercise i do. on thursday because i was so exhausted i didn’t excercise and because i was so hungry i had grease for lunch, i consumed 2700 calories. to put it in perspective, if i weren’t trying to lose fat i would only consume 1900 a day. so still i would have been over by 800 calories. it felt good though and i have no guilt. still for the whole week i lost half a kilo (about 1 lb) which is good.

patrick doesn’t understand why i am so unsure about my body. he thinks it’s great and looks around and thinks it is great compared to most. but i am not in competition with other people (except elle mcphearson’s thighs), i am in competition with myself. 2 years ago, i was perfect. shapely arms, near perfect thighs. i know i can do it and it frustrates me that i let it go. HUM will do that to you though…

now i just have to decide whether to go to the gym today or not. i am congested and have phlem (love that word) in myh chest. of course on friday i felt kick-ass at the gym. hm.

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