smart friends

my friend minturn said this. what a clever, smart guy…

‘President Bush told us on Thursday night that the worst action was inaction

. . . . I bet the 52% of the American people that didn’t vote in the last

election are thinking about that right now.’

burned too many calories today. how can that be you say? well see i had burger king for lunch (uli, stefan, robert and emmanuel were going and invited me!). so i felt guilty. so i went to the gym and over did it to make up. i burneed 950 calories in excercise today! i am still under what i am suppose to eat by 182 calories…oh wait…i forgot, i had some pringles before going to the gym. never mind.

everybody say and prayer and light a candle for my boss, ivette. she is having some troubles. just trust me and do it, please.

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