peace through light

well i did it. i showed up on the schlossplatz with my candles, and so did about 200 other people. it was brilliant really. i am so very proud. i met a wonderful american woman named laura lane and she translated for me. we talked to lots of germans and i told them all i was american and i loved america but i didn’t like bush, kein krig (no war). i was quized by a lot of older germans but they listened to my answers and i think i represented the US very well. i had no one say anything anti-american to me, though one gentleman, who was part of one of the big peace groups in stuttgart referred to the military base as the ‘center of death’ or something like that. my way to peace is not at civil disobedience quite yet. thank goodness for rosa parks, but i don’t think it works in this setting, at least not now. anyhow, i just feel so wonderful right now. i feel so full of hope. this was a wonderful experience for my faith in man, even if it was only 200 people from stuttgart and the war may still start tomorrow, it was a sign. think peace, be peaceful, write your congressmen/women.

oh, and peace coordinator shoes…clogs, purchased on sale at selfridges in london over the summer. stylish but not pretentious. they gave me comfort and it was all beautiful.

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