beach party!

Obviously this week’s outfit is an example of my outfit at this year’s Beach Party! It was a lovely evening with temps well over 30. My thermometer was vibrating at 29, but it certainly felt like 35! (Celsius!) This year we had a number of people go in the pool. Of course they either fell or were pushed in. I am still missing a picture of Jan and Connie but I’ll get it. Since we have 150 pictures, it will take me a few days to get all the pages up. Usually I get things up on Sunday, after the party, but it took us EXTRA long to clean up this year. 12 hours. Last year we had 4 buckets to carry the sand out. This year we only had two. Patrick made at least 20 trips to the Kindergarten sandbox down the street. I offered to switch jobs (I was vacuuming and vacuuming and revacuuming!) but he was good with it. The guys at Punto Fizzo thought it was funny. We went there for dinner because we didn’t want to dirty more dishes after washing as many as we did.

After we completed our cleaning we took 3 cloth grocery bags of bottles to the recycling area. In Germany there are big ‘trash cans’ for non-pfand (deposit) bottles. They are split up by white, brown and green glass, though we have seen them dump all three of them into the same truck. Anyhow, our recycling trash cans are next to the gas station around the corner. This is where all the hard-core alcoholics hang out. On the bins it says ‘8 – 20 Werktags’. Which means you are only suppose to recycle on a work day between 8 am and 8 pm. I am not sure whether Saturday is a ‘werktag’ or not. So there we are dumping bottles and this woman walks up and says, in Germany, ‘Can’t you read? It is Sunday. You can only do that on work days. It is Sunday’. We smiled and said thank-you (in German). She walked away. As we were walking home we saw her telling a man who had stopped his car in the street to let someone off, that you can’t stop your car in the street. Funny.

Last week as I was waiting for the s-bahn I say a train, going the opposite direction, that had a car that had been vandalized. It was spray painted all light blue, even the window, with a red squiggly line that changed to yellow along the doors. It was cool looking. More interesting that how the cars are normally painted. Though, I admit, vandalism is wrong. Anyhow, no one got in that car. If it had been my train I definitely would have taken that one and danced throughout the car all by myself the entire way to work! I love the odd and different.

I was a bad girl today. I had Burger King for lunch. A burger even. Tomorrow I shall Cardio my little heart out to try and do penance. I miss my old thighs.

Check back every day to see whether I have added another beach party page. There will be six and I have only finished one so far. Of course, it is a busy week. Cheers.

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