bright pink hair

Patrick and I dyed my hair tonight. It is bright fuchsia pink now. It needed a boost terribly. I really need to get something new. I have been doing this pink since at least September. But I like it. My hair is a little long. It hangs too much. People have said they really like the length but I feel like I am losing options at this length. On the day Carly came to town, I had parted it on the side and put the shorter side in a ponytail while leaving the rest. Apparently this was noticed.

So I did ask Carly, our CEO, a question when she was here on Monday. It was about all the requests I am getting. Without going into too much detail she said to refer the subsequent people to the first person that I got a request from. I liked the answer a lot, as long as my management backs it up.

I didn’t make it to the gym almost this entire week. Too much to do at work. I killed a project though. Call me ‘Heather, Project Killer’. Anyhow, I did finally make it to the gym Friday afternoon. I was super proud because I did my weights and then cardio’d a whole hour. I figured I could use it since I’d missed 4 days. I have already lost weight (like a kilo) and feel stronger. My arm muscles are starting to take over again. I still couldn’t carry the 25 kg bags of sand, for the beach party, up the stairs today. Left that to Patrick. I carried everything else though. Good girl. A weird thing though, was that the lady who owns the gym gave me a piece of candy as I was leaving Friday afternoon. There is a big bowl at the front desk almost constantly. Also, there was a plate of Berliners (Jelly Donuts) when I arrived, now that I think about it. Weird. She told me the candy was ok because it had no fat. I decided it would be ok to take since the gym lady gave it to me.

I picked up my new ring today. It says VERITAS. Latin for Truth. Something I believe in quite strongly. Of course, one can argue, that different people have different truths. But I think some truths are self-evident. Like, that killing is wrong. Though I imagine lots of people, like Dubya, would argue with that even. Anyhow, I do think a lot of people know when they are misleading or stretching things but justify it in the ‘greater interest’, yeah, like the President. I would really like pure truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. Then you go from there.

There is a great new quote on my quote page. It is from the book I am reading, ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel. It is about how people behave in regards to their God. It really is brilliant and I think lots of people, and the world in general, would do better to take it in.

While I was in Chico, I picked up some pictures at my Mom’s house. She had them out on the table in my old room because she said she had wanted to make me a collage but didn’t get to it. I started sifting through them and brought home a bunch. It is funny those I chose. 2 are of me as a very little girl in various outfits. One in the backyard, the other at Disneyland. I am adorably dressed. One is standing on the deck next to my Uncle’s dog. I only have on a t-shirt, underpants and yellow fuzzy slippers that are too big. There is a picture of my 6th grade class on the front of the boat going out to Catalina Island. 3 of the guys are making the ‘Hang Loose’ hand signal, one is making a goofy face, Nicole has bunny ears on Shauna. It’s cool. The last picture is my first ‘art shot.’ It is a Polaroid of my Brother, all yellow blond hair, sitting behind the Monk (my childhood stuffed animal, I still have next to my bed to this day) in the kitchen of 607 Cowles Rd (the house we lived in, in Santa Barbara). I took this picture because I think it suggests that I was an artist that never got cultivated. The adults in my family are all scientists and business people. No artists. Not really. So I always sort of saw the world from that perspective. That side of my brain. All my life I have never understood art. What poetry meant. I have never been able to understand why people pay so much for art, other than the investment aspect. More business. But looking at this picture and reflecting on my hair and clothing creativity, I have decided I should have been an artist, of some sort, bad eye sight and all. I think it is too late now. I follow it as I can in my life. But I have obligations and paths already followed. It isn’t that I am not happy with my chosen path, just that I think I could have gone another direction. If I were going to have children I would encourage them to explore all disciplines, at least as much as that is possible. The main character in ‘Life of Pi’, Pi, adopts Hinduism, Islam and Christianity because he wants to love God and he feels God in all these faiths. I think we should do that wilthour whole life. Try to feel life through all things different.

This week’s outfit is pretty tame. My long Levi skirt with the slit and sweaters, for warmth. This So Cal kid is not fairing so well in this extreme cold. Notice the White Trash GM seat belt belt and the Pigtail that comes out of the hat. Made the hat myself (with a little help from our friend Nick’s mother-in-law). Cheers.

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