not much

Not much going on these days. Integration testing started this last week and so far so good. Of course all that has been done is orders entered and files passed along. Cross your fingers.

We had the building party last night. It was nice. I have different muscial tastes but I had put in my Motown CD to start. The various early arrivers didn’t seem to thrilled with Ika and Tina et al. Patrick got lots of compliments on his food. Some thought he was a professional chief. My cookies were popular and I have some new slaves.

See really there is nothing up.

Did you all notice last week when I added all the new Travel links? Got NYC and the recent London in there. Still got to get my act together on Warsaw.

The outfit is me in our hotel room before day two at the concert festival. Don’t I look just perfectly, sweetly, punk? Cheers.

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