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Car is fine. Even got the windshield wipers fixed

Turned down the promotion though I am acting as IT Program manager until phase 1 is complete. I am not really thrilled by this, as it means there are not possibly enough hours in a day, but I made a commitment and I will not fail these people. Basically, me taking the job was good for HP but not for Heather. It isn’t what I am interested in and it isn’t where I want my career to go. My project manager and IT manager said they are both going to try to convince me to take the job permanently but I doubt it will happen. I want to be part of the business not the infrastructure. I think the infrastructure needs work, and it may help to have someone that sympathizes with the business there, but it just isn’t for me. Most of that job will be the resource fight and I hate that. I want to do, not fight.

I am off to Geneva tonight. We have a meeting tomorrow and Tuesday. I hate getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make a 7 am flight so I am flying the night before. I am very nervous about this meeting because I don’t feel prepared. Work has been very overwhelming lately and I don’t feel on top of anything. But Thursday I go to London and Friday I have a massage and pedicure planned at the Bliss Spa in Chelsea so I am just living for that. Christine and I are going to have a wild and crazy girl’s weekend in London and I can’t wait!

So, some people have been having problems with the new KAOS page. When they load it, they don’t get any pictures. They just get the first descriptor paragraph. Problem is this only happens on some people’s computers. All the Macs we have tried are fine. My PC at work and my boss’s are fine, but Nana, Patrick and Nick’s PC’s don’t work. This suggests some sort of configuration difference but that isn’t any better. We have used a number of code checking programs but they all say everything is fine. We have changed some tables around so hopefully this will help. Please check again and let me know what you see. Specifically. The last thing on the page is a table with Walk/Don’t Walk signals from around Europe. If you don’t see that, I need to know what you do see. Thanks.

This week’s picture is me asleep at the South Side festival. See, I can do nature (grass was scratchy). Cheers.

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