taco hell

It’s really true when they say it’s the simple things in life that make you happy. Take today for instance. Today my friend Todd took me to Taco Bell on the military base in Vaihingen (Fi-in-gen). I was fabulous. All I had was a regular burrito and a regular crunchy taco, but it was fabulous. Mild sauce too. We talked about racism in the US vs. everywhere else and how cool traveling is. Then as an extra special gift Todd took me to the Commissary. It was so cool! I actually got Starbucks Mocha Frappachino’s! And White Corm Tortilla chips! Yes! Ah, the little things. Of course I was rather disturbed by all these American products too. I mean what kind of tax dollars are being used to keep military personnel in Captain Crunch? ( I bought Crunch Berries). I figure if the military paid better, they would get a more adventurous group of employees who would be cool with the local foods. Taco Bell is cool but not totally necessary. Of course the families with kids probably would have a harder time if they couldn’t offer their kids, American kid stuff. Though maybe the new better paid Military personnel would have kids that liked German stuff. Anyway…it was great and I really appreciated it and will likely get hooked on the chips at least.

This week was long. Too many things going on. I helped with the election of Workers Council people at the office on Tuesday. My code kept failing all week. All my developments seem screwed up somehow. I’ll have to spend this week untying it all. Had a telecon at 9:30 on Tuesday night. Didn’t make it to German Tues-Thur. Tuesday and Wednesday were because of the vote and the teleconference. Thursday was because the system I support was down when I got to the office. It wasn’t my fault and when I say I support it I really mean that I watch it to make sure it is up and if it isn’t contact support in the US quickly, then inform management. Anyhow, I am hoping this week is a bit more mellow.

I could have sworn there was something I was going to share with you all. I think I forgot to mention a very interesting thing that happened on the plane ride to NYC. There were two passengers who were really sick, not a good thing. They brought one of them, a little girl, up to where we were sitting since it was a bulk head. Someone sitting next to her was talking to her but she was in a lot of pain and crying. I felt really bad, but knew I would be of no help. So the weird thing was that they actually asked over the PA system if there happened to be a doctor on the plane who could come and help the passengers. Really I have seen it a million times in movies but that was my first time actually on a plane. Amazing.

Oh, by the way, what do you call a group of Nuns walking together? You know like a bunch of geese are a gaggle, not that I am suggesting Nuns are like geese. It just seemed like there should be a name for a group of them together since they are so distinct.

Well that’s all I can muster this week. Went to the gym today and I am beat. Sleep will come quickly. The outfit was just very punk rock I thought. Have always wanted a long sleeve black and white stripped shirt I could wear under short sleeved t-shirts. The one in the picture is actually a pair of stripped tights where they put a hole in the crotch (such a vile word) and then stitched the edges so it wouldn’t run. Very cool idea. Stay cool yourself too. Cheers.

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