Daily Archives: February 24, 2002

party on

The beach has come and gone but, as usual, it left it’s mark and I am not talking about the scratches on my floor. Please go to The 3rd Annual Beach party page to see the highlights or at least that which people can’t deny because I have it on film.

I got a bunch of responses to last week’s heavy talk. The responses were not from people I expected though. A number of people, yes my readership is going up again, that I didn’t realize read my page that often. I even had my friend Jet (J sounds like Y) Kous point out that she is a corporate world, weird haired, Muse listening, travel wanting, chick! So there! I do have a similar compadre (that’s redundant isn’t it?). Anyhow, all I have to do now is move to the Netherlands so she and I can hang out. I’ve been thinking about it too. There are some things I can do. I will but I am really tired right now. Long week. And to think, one can not actually catch up on sleep but just get back in the swing. I miss my sleep.

Nothing else exciting. Lifted at the gym twice this week. My body aches. I feel better though. Got an email from Mom that she finished her first 6 week “Women with Weights” program and signed up for the next one. In her message she said she lost inches (though she didn’t say how many) and 3 pounds. Yeah Mom! Everybody should go to Barnes and Noble and let her know we are proud of her.

I was in Frankfurt this weekend to help my friend Friederun buy furniture. We actually spent more time trying on clothes but did get to Ikea before 4. She is bad for me. Has very similar taste in fine clothing. She is my only friend I can talk about designers and models with. It’s fun. She listens to the same music as I do as well. Normal hair though. Of course she really is going up the latter.

I realize this is short but I haven’t much to say, believe it or not. I guess I am sort of blue but I bet it is mostly that I am tired and when I get my sleep cycle back I will be fine. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like send me a card or something…

Almost forgot, the outfit. The center piece is the skirt. I got it on sale at the Forbidden store. It is a Jill Sander. My first Jill Sander. It has really cool asymmetrical pleats. You have to see it in person to get the whole sense though. When I called Patrick to come see it in the store and the woman brought it too me, his face lit up. I said ‘Do you want me to try it on so you can see it?’. He responded, ‘Yeah, here or at home is fine, just buy it!”. I love my husband.