Wow, dull week at the office. The reorg goes on and nothing happens. Did I tell you all I have a “coach”. She is sort of like a business therapist. We got to talking about the reorg. It was tied up in a conversation about not liking the feeling that I am kissing some managers ass when I am nice to them but don’t really want to. I know how to placate a manager to “get my message heard” but they don’t really hear my intended message. They hear a watered down one. So anyhow, I didn’t talk to a manager this week about my feelings regarding the reorg. I went to a intermediary. The coach says this was great. I had found the best way to get my message to management. No, I said. I was just covering my ass. Management says they have an open door policy but I don’t believe it. I don’t think they want to hear my truth right now. My coach says, ‘Well yes you have to determine whether they are ready to hear something and maybe wait. The new head manager is new at their job and needs time to grow into it. They are only human. “No!” I said. “When you are at that level of management you don’t get to grow into your job. You have to be ready to drop and run.” “But they are only human” responds my coach. “But they are management. They are paid and scoped to be management. I expect them to perform. At least communicate”. So this went on and we determined that I am not going to change my position. I hold people to a high bar, just like I do myself. Anyway, I had dinner with my friend Friederun and asked her what she thought. She agreed with me completely. Was Carly allowed to “grow into the job”. No. In all the interviews I have been on there is no death like saying something about growing into the job. Starting slowly and observing is deemed as weak. Acting out of the gate and being wrong is seen as a reason to be fired, so you have to be good. Then today as I was riding the s-bahn home and I read an article in Details magazine about being “the asshole we love or hate”. They made reference to people we expect to say jerky things and we either hate them or love them. The two examples were: Jerry Fallwell (Liberals and Gays caused God to punish us by letting 2 planes fly into the twin towers), the asshole we hate and Ronald Reagan (trees cause more pollution than autos), the asshole we love (speak for yourself Details mag). Then the author goes on to mention that we seem to allow, for some ridiculous reason, Presidents to grow into the job. He mentioned how Dubya has had his polls go up because he seems to be growing into the job well. I expect more from my management and my president. I remember how angry the press corps were when Clinton didn’t do anything for the first 100 days. They catnapped Socks even. But at least he didn’t say stupid things to pass the time (Clinton not Socks) (Yeah ok there was the ‘inhale’ thing and the ‘sex with this woman thing’ but I am talking about his job not his hobbies. I’m not overly impressed with Dubya’s hobbies either). This is an awfully long paragraph. So what have we learned? I have high expectations for management and myself, I see a business therapist, I think Dubya is a moron even if at first he was doing a good job (not including calling the terrorists ‘folks’) in the beginning. He seems to be getting arrogant now. Ok that is about it for that.

I read a hysterical quote about he song “Killing an Arab” by The Cure. Go see it on my quote page.

This is the dress I wore to Brett’s wedding. You know the one I got on sale in Paris and had to go all the way to London to find a sweater that would match? A very expensive outfit in the end. Too much actually. Going to have to wear this one to a couple more weddings. I definitely stood out, in a good way.

Ok. I’m done. ~The End~

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