irony friday

Did you know that this is Nobel week? They gave the Nobel prize in Medicine to three Cancer researchers. On Friday they give the Peace Prize. Ironic huh?

Anyhow, we bought a new table this weekend. I have been waiting and waiting to replace the lovely natural wood and pastel table and chairs HP provided for us. We got it at Ikea (pronounced ee (as in Eek a mouse!) k (as in OK) and a (as is ‘uh, there was one?’) so you know it was inexpensive. It is metal and glass. Since it also acts as my desk I love it. It is a bit lower, a bit longer and a bit more narrow than the last. It worked beautifully for Ladies Poker Night. It is a bitch to keep clean though. I am thinking of investing in Windex stock. The only thing needed now to perfect my ‘house o’fab furniture’ is my dream couch. My dream couch is maroon velvet and extra deep so my feet hang off the end. It has an ottoman that I could sleep on. It is also mucho DM, so it will be a while. I just hope it is before we go home.

I saw the funniest commercial at the gym recently. As I have mentioned in the past, Germans seem to love compilation CDs. There are 80’s CD’s, Top 20 CD’s (I know that commercial by heart), Classic Blues CD’s, Love CD’s, and many more. So in one commercial for an 80’s CD they list some of the bands across the bottom of the screen while samples are playing in the background. One of the bands caught my eye. It was called “Men without Heads”. Now I remember a band called “Men without Hats”, they did ‘Safety Dance’, but I don’t recall any “Men without Heads”. Patrick says it was a joint project between “Men without Hats” and “Talking Heads”. Makes sense.

Ladies Poker Night went beautifully. Watch out for the Spanish girls. They are quiet and carry a great hand. A number of Ladies went home having doubled their money (from 2DM to 4DM!). Likewise many went home with nothing. Those of us that can stay up late (this is absolutely the last time I do it though) went dancing after. As usual we went to a number of places before settling on Maria’s. The girls had made friends with the bouncer last time we were there, so he slipped us in. Turned out they knew the door guy too and we didn’t have to pay the 25DM cover. The bouncers were from So. Central LA. Small world.

That’s all I’ve got this week folks. After my wild weekend I am not feeling so hot and I’m not big on my governments military actions. I am impressed with Rumsfield’s comments but I still don’t really see a point to the attacks. I’ll try to be more lively next week.

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