utter failure

Yep, you guessed it. I was not able to overcome the pull of Betsey Johnson and Nordstrom all on one block. Not to mention my mom was there. We are all reduced to the pathetic forms we were in High School anytime we spend large blocks of time with our mothers. Don’t deny it. So above is the skirt I got at Nordy. I love it and it looks smashing I think. Tomorrow I will wear the skirt/top from Betsey so check back next week for the picture (it’s even pink so I think I should get some credit there).

I read in Jane Magazine (an excellent 25-40 something mag even if they do have cigarette ads still) this month that you will not go blind from just looking up at the eclipse. You really need to stare at it. The center of your retina goes first and things start to get fuzzy. Things don’t just suddenly go black. The Doc they interviewed said the “admonishment” got started in the 60’s when people were stoned and staring at the sun. I love to learn the history of random stuff like that.

So I really liked Seattle the first two days I was there. Then it rained. That was enough for me. Lots of coffee shops (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Tully’s)! There were two facing the Nordstrom store. You could actually see the enterance of one from the other. Scary.

So I am disappointed in myself for not making even 2 months on my fast. I simply have no will power when I try something on and look good in it. I’m vain. I’ve admitted that. But really why do I have to torture myself like this? Besides it not being good for my financial position (been traveling a lot lately), I don’t like the feeling of being so irresponsible. Sure, no one is perfect, but why can’t I get over this. I am willing to be imperfect in other ways (like my thighs). Can’t I just have this. I guess it is better than hating my job or having a crappy marriage. My keen fashion sense is well appreciated too. As for why not just ‘not try thing on’, what am I suppose to do when I see something as cute as the skirt above? Don’t even think of suggesting not going to stores. Let’s be reasonable. Maybe I should just change my fast to no buying in Germany?

I’ve been seeing lots of bad movies on planes lately. All on planes. I would never pay to see something like “The Wedding Planner”. The dialog was cheesy (kase kuegel!) and Matthew McC… seemed to be dreading his character. J. Lo was good but it was a bad movie to start. The support characters had the best lines. Coming back from Seattle I saw “Save the Last Dance”. It was kase kuegel too. White girl dates black boy. He teaches her to Hip Hop and convinces her to start her ballet again. I can’t figure out what she did for him except cause problems. The father character seemed supperfulous. All he really did was give her somewhere to live, to meet the boy. The only cool thing was the “sex” scene (edited for the plane). I thought the image of his dark hand on her pale skin was really beautiful. Other than that, I don’t recommend it. We did rent “Snatch”. Very amusing even if you can’t understand A WORD Brad Pitt says. “Pulp Fiction” meets “The Pink Panther”. Violent but not graphic. A “do you feel lucky punk?” speech. Good stuff Mayard!

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