selling out *finally! a title!*

I’m going to start naming these Coffee Talks. That way when I archive them you can pick by name instead of just date. Patrick is working on learning PHP so we can do drop down menu’s. Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, ‘It’s your page Heather. Why not learn PHP yourself.’ Really people. Let’s be realistic. That’s his thing. Imagine how he would feel if I took away his thing? It would be like Patrick taking up fashion critiquing and shoe collecting. Those are my things!

The reason I call this Coffee Talk “Selling Out” is because that picture of me is awfully GAP. First Julia Roberts, now GAP. What on earth is happening to me? Somebody do something! When Patrick was snapping the picture he said “shouldn’t you be doing a cartwheel or something?” That is what made me realize I was in the danger zone. Don’t worry though. I wore a Dog Collar with my outfit the next day.

So have you ever wondered why I have the icons I do at the side? What they mean? How they relate, in my unique mind, to the topic the link too? OK, well Shirley Manson of Garbage just has cool hair, so she got the Hair page. My red snakeskin cowboy boots are the epitome of Fashion so they link there. Traveling by scooter is traveling in style, so it links to the Travel page. That is Sir Richard doing his best Hamlet (one of the most highly praised portrayals of the lonely Dane). So if there ever was a famous quote it was “To be or Not to Be”, thus the Quotes page. I think the David is self-explanatory, the Man page. What is a party without a Disco globe (which we have) and Martini’s (which we serve)? Nothing! So that represents the Party page. Our cats have a rather high idea of themselves so the they asked for the Cheetah (yes my cats can talk, duh). And for the Coffee Talk archive, what else but a coffee cup. I’d been meaning to explain those.

I’m going on another Biz trip next week. This time to Seattle. I’ve never been there. I am very excited because I got a Shopping Tour Map for Seattle in one of my recent Lucky magazines. Of course I am still on my clothing fast so I won’t buy anything. Don’t laugh! My Mom will be there with me so I assure you nothing will get bought.

As I type I am sitting on a Pezi (sp?) ball. You know the big rubber balls they have a gym’s these days? I read and checked with Adrian (my personal trainer) that you never have to do another sit-up or crunch if you sit on one at your desk. I hate sit-ups and crunches so I will try this. So far I feel it more in my legs. I’ll keep you posted. My coworkers are going to laugh their heads off. Every time they think I can’t do anything more bizarre, I manage something.

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