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If I ramble on here you will have to forgive me. I just returned home from a biz trip in lovely Colorado Springs, CO. It was a really good meeting. I really like my team mates and for the first time since taking my new job, I felt useful. The reason I might ramble is I have been en route home since 4 a.m. MDT Thursday (Noon CET Thursday) until 3 p.m. CET Friday (7 a.m. MDT Friday). So as you can see it has been a long day. The 5 hour layover in Chicago PLUS an added 4 hours on the ground in the plane with computer problems made it much longer than it was suppose to be. Business Class rocks though! I love being a Premier Exec flyer.

So the US was nice. I have learned my lesson with meetings and time zones. I flew in Sunday and had Monday to recover before the meetings Tuesday and Wednesday. Went to Barnes and Noble, went to Super Wal-Mart. I brought back 6 cans of Enchilada sauce for us and 6 boxes of Chocolate Lovers Brownie mix for Ivette and Steffen. There is a bunch of bags of Oreo’s and Starburst in the too. Spent a few hours in Target just taking in all the stuff. Germany could really use a Target. The only problem would be the whole Sunday morning “Target ad” ritual the women in my family follow. It wouldn’t do any good here as the store wouldn’t be open. My mom actually sent me, here in Germany, the Target ad once. I waxed nostalgic.

I’ve decided to read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. I am ashamed to say I didn’t read it as a Poli. Sci. major or in Biz School. Since I have only been reading mysteries and sex books recently I thought it was time to raise the level of my learning. Or at least read something that doesn’t attract so much attention on the s-bahn.

Fixed the link problems that I created by adding my icon to the side directory. The mouse-overs are numbered and I threw off the numbering. All fixed now. Thanks to my spouse for showing me how to do it properly. Looks like we might start writing HTML code by hand again. Claris is no longer making Claris Homepage and Patrick can’t find anything else he likes. I like writing code by hand. It just takes much longer.

I think we should all have theme music playing around us as we go through life. Sort of like on Ali McBeal but not quite. I realize there is the problem of our music’s’ clashing, but not only would theme music help us to get to know people, it would help us meet people that we had things in common with and it makes me feel stronger as I walk along. If I’m listening to something loud and powerful, most likely NIN, on my MP3 player as I walk to the s-bahn or store or whatever, I feel stronger. It might help people who give presentations to feel more relaxed and comfortable, unless they are embarrassed by their song(s). Just give it some thought.

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