shopping with real live germans

My clothing fast is going ok. Thanks for asking.

This last weekend I had an interesting cultural experience. Don’t laugh but I went shopping with my friend Alka and her teenage daughters. I wanted to see the difference/similarities between American and Germany teenagers in the shopping atmosphere. The thing I noticed the most was that Xena and Ana were no where near as aggressive as American teens. This was nice. We went into this one “Wet Seal” type store and I was really overwhelmed by all the stuff. There was so much stuff. Grouped by colors. Packed in. Ana said that wasn’t the type of store you by things in but that you go to see what the “in style” is. Of course she showed her mom a purple sparkle halter top with metal neck band.

Most of the stuff I have been writing in my new book is books and movies I want to see. There were a couple of quotes. I did encounter something I found really amusing at McD’s. With the BSE scare here, McD’s has started offering “alternative” burgers. Remember “the other white meat” by the pork farmers in the US a few years back. Welcome to the next wave…”Pork and Bacon” and “Pork and Cheese” burgers now at your closet McDonald’s. Amazing!

Work is fine. We decided to go to Budapest for the 4 day weekend in June. This will provide my first shopping challenge. There is a great designer there called “Manier”. I got some really great stuff there summer before last. Seems a shame to go all the way to Budapest and not go again. What do you think? Cash budget?

I have my private Spinning class tonight. I took one Spinning class previously. Hated it. Thought I was going to die. Then I found out it was intermediate not beginning. I went with my friend Bettina and she purposely didn’t tell me it was intermediate because she knew I wouldn’t go. She was right. I went. I hated it. I’m going to give Adrian a chance. Of course when I did the leg workout last week he had devised for me, I couldn’t walk down stairs until Sunday! Alke said I was embarrassing. Hey! I went to the gym, didn’t I?

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