new boots

So they finally arrived and aren’t they beautiful?! I love my new boots. The service I received from Diamond W was exquisite as well. Believe or not they are incredibly comfortable. I never realized that Cowboy boots were so comfortable. Now I know why Cowboys wear them.

The hair has grown out a lot. If I don’t goop it, it looks fuzzy. When you are all tired of the boots, I’ll add a new hair picture. Any requests for the next do?

Our capitol is boring. Sure there are the buildings in which our country is run, but I am not particularly impressed with the people who run the country so why should I care about the buildings? We did have a nice time sitting in Starbucks and Barnes and Noble reading books and drinking coffee. Did a fair amount, ok maybe more than my fair share, of shopping. Spent WAY too much time in Betsey Johnson.

I had my own epiphany last week. What drives me is trying to make things better. As long as the job is trying to improve things, I’m happy. As soon as the trying stops, I do. I now understand why I am so bitter over Inventory Integrity. Management stopped trying but weren’t willing to admit it or inform me about it. What I have also realized is I am probably in the wrong industry. I could be a consultant except for two things, 1) my hair 2) lots of times just because a company hires a consultant doesn’t mean they are really trying and I won’t be able to tell them to f$%@ off. So what is left? People tell me I listen well and see things clearly. Perhaps I should have been a therapist. I’ve always thought I had too many issues of my own. Of course I have meet a number of therapists that aren’t “well adjusted adults” (whatever that means).

Lastly, I just thought I would let you know I have achieved Enlightenment. Not Nirvana, but definitely Enlightenment. I get it now. I know what the point is. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t have my own issues still. Got that career problem at least. Anyhow I just feel really good about it all now. It’s a great place to be.

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