I’ve been doing some self-discovery recently (no not THAT kind, dirty mind!) and I have a question for you…What turns you on? Send me a note and I will post it on my quotes page without your name. Unless of course you want all my friends and family to know what turns you on and then I will give you full credit.

What turns me on? That is the problem I am having. I am not exactly sure. A good debate with someone does. Loud pounding music and a large space to writhe about does too, but it often diminishes as soon as the music does. Risk does it for sure. Bodies, by themselves, do not. I’m still working on it.

I want to give this site a face-lift. Need to add some links I think you would all enjoy. Haven’t figured out a cool way of doing it yet. We need to carry our camera around with us more too. Patrick really wants a digital camcorder so we can create our own abstract short movies. Lots of ideas, no equipment. Oh well.

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