save my career *why was i so against titles?*

I am currently in the process of saving my career. I have an attitude problem. I care too much about my job. I’m too emotional about how things are going in the business. How am I trying to save myself from all of this? By talking to people that seem to have to put up with the same shit from management I do , but don’t go over the edge and scream at people when management fails to live up to their promises AGAIN or a team member drops their action item like a used Kleenex.

The advice I have gotten so far has been good I have to admit. I have a problem with a project only being 30% complete and having a party but other then that, the advice has been good. Perhaps I should take up birdhouse making like the Fonz?

So what is the plan? Start working out where exactly I want to go with my career. What I want to do. Doing what is best for the business considering my skills and talents is apparently a bad way to go. Got a meeting with the GM on Monday to talk about my next job. Supposedly he is going to offer me a list of things to choose from. This sounds good and all, but really it disappoints me. I want them to say, “Heather, we need you to do this. It is a fundamental change to the way we do business and we need you to make it happen!” Of course that is what they said about the last project and look where I am now.

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